10 Famous Football Teams That Wear Orange Jerseys

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Orange is a vibrant color, and It’s often chosen for its visibility and uniqueness on the field.

However, football teams that wear orange jerseys include the Netherlands national football team, known for its unique orange home kits since the early 20th century.

Additionally, the Netherlands-based club, AFC Ajax, is also recognized for its traditional orange jerseys.

Football Teams That Wear Orange Jerseys

  • Netherlands national football team
  • Ivory Coast national football team
  • AFC Ajax
  • FC Lorient
  • Brisbane Roar FC
  • FC Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Istanbul Basaksehir FK
  • Blackpool FC
  • Dundee United
  • Luton Town

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1. Netherlands National Football Team


The Netherlands national football team is well-known for wearing bright orange shirts. This color is tied to the title of their old ruler, the Prince of Orange. But when they’re playing away, they wear blue jerseys.

On their crest, you’ll see a lion, which is like the country’s official mascot, and it’s been there since 1907 when they got a win against Belgium. Nike has been sponsoring the team since 1996, and they’ve got that deal locked in until at least 2026.

2. Ivory Coast National Football Team


The Ivory Coast national football team, also known as the Elephants, represents Ivory Coast in men’s international football. They’ve got a couple of Africa Cup of Nations titles under their belt, clinching victory in 1992 and 2015.

Plus, they’ve made it to the FIFA World Cup three times in 2006, 2010, and 2014. When they play at home, you’ll see them wearing all-orange jerseys.

Didier Zokora holds the record for most caps, with 123 appearances. And when it comes to goals, Didier Drogba is the Elephant’s top scorer, recording 65 goals in 105 games.

3. AFC Ajax


AFC Ajax started in all-black with a red sash. But they changed to red and white stripes with black shorts which are the colors of Amsterdam’s flag. In 1911, they had to tweak their look because of another team, Sparta Rotterdam.

Back then, teams didn’t have special away kits, so they had to sort it out. Ajax went for white shorts and a white shirt with a bold red stripe down the middle, front, and back.

4. FC Lorient


FC Lorient is a French football club based in Lorient, Brittany. They’ve been around since 1926 and now they’re competing in Ligue 1. When you see FC Lorient on the field, you can’t miss their bright orange jerseys, especially their 2022-2023 home jersey season made by Umbro. This jersey has this diamond checker pattern with a subtle ripple.

Before 1998, Lorient’s national record wasn’t anything to write home about. But in ’98, they made their big debut in Ligue 1.

And before that, they were mostly playing as amateurs. However, their biggest moment was in 2002 when they won the Coupe de France title, beating Bastia 1-0.

They haven’t won a Ligue 1 win yet, but they did nail the Championnat National back in 1995. Plus some regional trophies too, winning five Brittany Division d’Honneur titles and six Coupe de Bretagne.

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5. Brisbane Roar FC


Back in the early days, Brisbane Roar FC was all about the orange. Their home kit is orange jerseys paired with blue shorts and maroon socks. But as time went on, they decided to shake things up a bit.

They kept the orange jersey but added maroon sleeves and swapped out the blue shorts for maroon ones. It was a new look but still paid homage to their roots. Then came some more changes.

They dropped the white slashes from their kits and opted for a shoulder-pad style instead. And also the diagonally sashed designs they tried out for a couple of seasons which is something a bit different. In 2014, there was a big change.

Umbro took over making their kits, and along with that came a brand new logo, a more traditional shield crest. Some people loved it, others weren’t so sure. But that wasn’t the only change. The new home kit went all-out orange, with white piping on the collar for a bit of flair.

No more black pants either, it was all orange, top to bottom, with just a hint of white on the sides. Looking back, you can see how Brisbane Roar’s kit has evolved over the years, combining tradition with a touch of modern style.

6. FC Shakhtar Donetsk

fc shaktar

FC Shakhtar Donetsk is one of the most successful football teams in the Ukrainian Premier League and is one of the famous clubs that wears the orange jersey. This team has bagged numerous league titles and domestic cups over the years.

And they’re not just big in Ukraine; they’ve made names internationally too, winning the UEFA Cup (now called the UEFA Europa League) in 2009.

7. Istanbul Basaksehir FK


Istanbul Basaksehir FK is one of the famous football teams wearing the orange jersey. Though this team is somewhat new in Turkish football, starting in 1990.

Back then, they were known as ISKI Spor Kulübü and were owned by the city’s water distribution company. After some great performances in the early years, they secured promotion to the Süper Lig in 2006-07.

They even managed to stay there after finishing 12th in their first season. Things looked bright when they secured 6th place in 2009-10. However, they hit a bump in 2012-13, getting relegated to the TFF First League.

But they didn’t stay down for long, they bounced back the next season as champions. In 2014, the club got new owners with ties to the ruling party, and they rebranded as Istanbul Başakşehir Futbol Kulübü.

With fresh energy, they performed well, securing 4th place in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. They also won their first Turkish Süper Lig title in 2020.

It wasn’t just any win, they became only the sixth team ever to clinch the league and the fourth from Istanbul. And to top it off, they secured their first Champions League victory in 2020 with a 2-1 win over Manchester United.

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8. Blackpool FC

blackpool fc

Blackpool FC has a colorful history when it comes to their jerseys, being one of the football teams wearing the orange jersey. Back in 1923–24, they switched to tangerine, due to a tip from referee Albert Hargreaves. He was impressed by the Dutch team’s colors during a match between the Netherlands and Belgium.

But before settling on tangerine, they experimented with different colors like blue-and-white stripes, red or white shirts, and even a mix of black, yellow, and red during World War I, showing support for Belgian refugees.

After the war, they wore white shirts and navy blue shorts. In 1934, they tried alternating dark and light-blue stripes but caved to public pressure and went with tangerine in 1939.

From 1938 to 1958, their kit included tangerine shirts, white shorts, and navy blue socks. Nowadays, they stick with tangerine socks, although navy was used as a secondary color in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

9. Dundee United

dundee united

Dundee United is famous for their vibrant tangerine shirts and black shorts combo since 1967. The idea came after a stint in the United Soccer Association competition, where they were initially called the Dallas Tornado.

Then, due to some influence from the manager’s wife, they made the switch in 1969 for a more modern feeling. But before all that, when they were Dundee Hibernian, they went with green shirts and white shorts, typical Irish colors.

When they rebranded as Dundee United in 1923, they changed to white shirts and black shorts to appeal to a broader crowd.

10. Luton Town

luton town

Luton Town Football Club has a long history with different colors. Back in 1920, they settled on white and black as their primary colors, a combination that lasted for over half a century.

Then, in 1973, they decided to adopt a vibrant new look: orange, navy, and white. This change was a significant shift in their visual identity and has remained their signature style since the 2015–16 season.

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