The 17 Best Soccer Goal Celebrations You Should See (2024)

Every aspect of soccer has attracted a lot of people across the globe to being a fan of the beautiful sport as opposed to other sports.

However, watching how players celebrate their goals after successfully netting the ball has always been a joy to watch.

Although most fans believe players should not always celebrate goals that much because it is what they are paid to do. Well, in my opinion, goal celebration spices up the whole show after the ball is netted, hence it is worth celebrating.

So, in this article, I will be sharing the best soccer goal celebration with you. So, without further ado, let us proceed –

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The Best Soccer Goal Celebrations (2024)

1. Temple Point

temple point goal celebration

Temple Point is one of the newest goal celebrations that evolved at the start of the 2022/2023 soccer season. The trademark owner is Marcus Rashford, a Manchester United and England forward.

After netting the ball, Marcus Rashford usually strolls down to where the fans are, then points his right index finger to his head and shuts his eyes. Notwithstanding, the celebration is icy and cool.

2. Siuuuu

siu goal celebration

Siuuuu is the most known goal celebration invented by a soccer player, but which soccer player would own such a goal celebration that is so popular other than the best, Cristiano Ronaldo?

The celebration was invented and popularized by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The celebration involves Ronaldo jumping into the air while twirling his hand and dramatically landing with his arms and legs spread apart. Moreover, the celebration name was given by the fans. This goal celebration is now being adopted by players who consider Cristiano Ronaldo a role model.

3. Goggle Eyes

goggle eyes goal celebration

The Goggle Eyes celebration is now earning the recognition it deserves now. The goal celebration is a trademark of Barcelona and Spain midfielder, Pedri.

The youngster has taken the La Liga fans by storm having made his professional debut not quite long. However, After bagging a goal, Pedri uses his hands as a goggle to view through his eyes. The celebration was also used by former England women’s soccer player Ellen White.

4. Nap / Peace Of Mind

nap peace of mind goal celebration

Soccer icon, Ronaldo has two goal celebrations. The first trademark and the most popular one is known as “The Siuuu”, while the second one is regarded as “Peace of Mind” or “Nap” by soccer fans.

This goal celebration came in when Ronaldo was still playing for Manchester United early this season. The Portuguese player went quite a few matches without netting the ball, so when he finally did, he celebrated the goal by holding his hands to his chest and closing his eyes while he was kind of meditating.

Since then, the celebration has come to stay and most soccer players are now using it to celebrate their goals.

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5. Cross-Legged Meditation

cross legged meditation goal celebration

If you are an England Premier League fan, you would know who owns the Cross-Legged Meditation goal trademark.

Who would own the trademark other than Erling Haaland? Well, Erling is the owner of the cross-legged meditation goal celebration.

The Norwegian actualizes sitting on the pitch and crosses his legs while meditating as his goal celebration after netting the ball.

6. Somersault

somersault goal celebration

The Somersault goal celebration is a very popular goal celebration that involves an acrobatic jump in the air.

Adeyemi of Borussia Dortmund and Aubameyang of Chelsea are among the players who celebrate with this trademark. Nigeria’s Obafemi Martins also popularized this goal celebration during his playing days.

7. Two Clenched Fists Across The Chest

clenched fists goal celebration

This goal celebration is owned by Barcelona and Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski. 

According to the Barcelona and former Munchen player, his iconic goal celebration, where he pushes two clenched fists together across his chest, was inspired by his daughter.

8. Phone Call

phone call goal celebration

Judging from the soccer fans across the world, Gabriel Jesus Phone Call Celebration is another lovely goal celebration. The Brazil International plucks his fingers into his ears as a sign of a Phone call.

It is indeed one of the coolest goal celebrations.

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9. Two Hands Across The Chest

two hands across the chest goal celebrations

The two-hands across-the-chest celebration was invented by Kylian Mbappé. To date, France International is still maintaining that trademark.

Having scored a goal, Kylian Mbappé crossed his hands under his arms and spread his legs apart.

10. Knee Slide

knee slide goal celebration

The Knee slide celebration is trendy and one of the goal celebrations that could injure a player in the process.

Most players prefer sliding on their knees after scoring a goal as a celebration type. Well, some coaches, like Pep Guardiola, do not like to see their players involved in such a celebration to avoid an injury crisis.

It is one goal celebration that soccer players desisted from as they grew older and approached the tail end of their careers to avoid any injuries that would hamper their stay at the professional level.

The likes of Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard can attest to how risky the knee slide goal celebration could be at times. It can be recalled that he stopped the celebration after a while.  

11. Dancing

Neymar Dancing Celebration (22/23) - Free To Use For Edits

The Dancing goal celebration is said to have been invented by Brazilian players. Players such as Neymar Jnr and Vinicius Jnr do not hold back from dancing after netting a goal.

However, Rodrygo Goes is not an exception to this goal celebration type. One unique dancing goal celebration was the one done by Senegal during the 2002 World Cup where they would dance together after scoring a goal.

12. Old Man Walk

Samuel Eto'o, Expression like an Old man

A couple of players kinda mimic elderly people when they score a goal, while most soccer fans say that it is a sign of respect for elderly people.

To certain soccer players, after scoring a goal, they try to walk the elderly people do. One player who perfected this celebration was Samuel Eto’o during his time at Chelsea after a leaked interview of Jose Mourinho referring to the striker as an old man.

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13. Two Fingers To The Sky

The Reason Behind Leo Messi’s Celebration 😳⚽️ #messi #football #shorts

Other than The Knee Slide goal celebration, Two Fingers to the Sky is the most used goal celebration. This goal celebration is mostly used by Christian players after they have successfully scored a goal.

Players like Messi and Edison Cavani are among the players who actualize this celebration type.

14. Thumbsucking

Bruno Fernandes Rare Celebration Manchester United | Slow Motion | 4K UHD Bruno Fernandes Free Clip

The Thumbsucking goal celebration is now regarded as Bruno Fernandes’ goal trademark. The Manchester United captain is seen running towards the fans as he puts his right thumb in his mouth.

He is one of the few players that have adopted this style of celebration as it is not very common among soccer players.

15. Golf Strike

SPECTACULAR STRIKES | James Ward-Prowse in 2020/21 | Premier League

The Golf Strike was invented by Southampton midfielder, Ward-Prowse. The player imaginably strikes a golf after scoring a sensational goal mostly from his free-kick masterclass.

However, Ward-Prowse is the only notable player that uses the Golf Strike goal celebration.

16. JLingz Celebration

Jesse Lingard | All Dance Celebrations | 2018 - #JLingz

JLingz’s celebration is also noted as Jesse Lingard, former Manchester United midfielder goal celebration. His celebration is another coolest celebration that is calmly done and does not involve many steps.

17. At The Flag Celebration

Henry flag celebration🏳️

The Flag celebration is now the Bukayo Saka celebration which was invented by Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry.

The celebration steps are not much but only involve the player holding the corner flag with his other hand on his waist while he keeps staring at the fans as they cheer him.

In Conclusion

We have mentioned some of the amazing goal celebrations in soccer that are worth mentioning in any list of the best goal celebrations by players. If any is missing, you can reach out to us via comments.

  • January 1, 2024