10 Professional Soccer Teams With Yellow Jerseys


Yellow jerseys are prominent in football and It’s mostly chosen for team visibility on the field. Though the color choice may hold historical relevance for the club.

However, some professional soccer teams that incorporate yellow colors as part of their official shirt Include Borussia Dortmund, Villarreal CF, and Watford FC.

Professional Soccer Teams With Yellow Jerseys

  • Villareal FC
  • AC Horsens
  • Chievo Verona
  • Club America
  • Elfsborg
  • FK Teplice
  • IK Start
  • Burton Albion
  • Watford
  • VVV Venlo

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1. Villareal FC


Villarreal FC is a soccer team famous for their yellow jerseys, which have been their signature since 1947. The story goes that back then, the president’s son went to buy new jerseys for the team but could only find yellow ones in stock.

Even though the players weren’t too thrilled about the black shorts that came with them, they liked the yellow shirts. So, they ended up getting white shorts from Castellón and dyed them blue.

This unique combo of yellow shirts and blue shorts was their official kit for a long time until they switched to all-yellow kits in the 2002–03 season. Their away colors are navy blue.

Over the years, Villarreal FC has had different sponsors for their jerseys. From 2005 to 2011, it was Aeroport Castello, an airport, and now it’s Pamesa. The team’s kits have been made by various companies, with the current one being Joma since the 2016–17 season.

2. AC Horsens


AC Horsens is a popular Danish soccer team that wears the yellow jersey. The team was started in 1994 after their predecessor, Horsens fS. However, their journey to the top league, the Superliga, didn’t start smoothly.

They missed their chance for promotion due to poor performance. After some struggles, they finally made it to the 1st Division again and became a consistent part of it from the 1997–98 season. In 2001, they hired Kent Nielsen as their manager.

While they faced challenges in the following seasons, they managed to secure promotion to the Superliga in 2004–05. In their debut Superliga season, they gained fame for their strong defense.

However, they faced ups and downs, with the 2006–07 season seeing both promising performances and disappointments. Despite their efforts, the 2022–23 season proved tough, which led to their relegation due to conceding a high number of goals.

3. Chievo Verona


Chievo Verona originally sported blue and white colors, not the blue and yellow they’re known for today. Their nickname, “Gialloblu,” which means yellow and blue in Italian, reflects these colors.

However, it’s worth noting that their cross-town rivals, Hellas Verona, are more commonly associated with the Gialloblu nickname. Local fans refer to Chievo Verona as “Ceo,” which is Venetian for Chievo.

Despite the mix-up with the nickname, Chievo Verona has built a strong fan base over the years. Their journey from blue and white to blue and yellow reflects the evolution of the club’s identity and style.

While their colors may have changed, their spirit remains the same, with passionate supporters cheering them on both at home and away matches.

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4. Club America



Club América has a captivating history with its jerseys. When it all began, founder Rafael Garza Gutiérrez improvised the team’s first shirt by using his father’s navy blue trousers and a yellow-cream shirt. This became the club’s original colors.

Over time, the design stayed pretty much the same until the 1980s, when they decided to move things up a bit. They replaced the cream color with a brighter yellow and blue, and in 1982, introduced an inverted triangle design on the shirt.

Also had a third shirt, white and blue, but it didn’t see much action. In 2011, for the club’s 95th anniversary, they brought back the original color as a tribute, along with a modified club crest. They wore this special kit during a match against Guadalajara.

Then, in 2016, to mark their centenary, they unveiled a dark red away kit as a bow to Torino, the Italian club they played against in their first match at the Estadio Azteca in 1966.

5. IF Elfsborg

if elfsborg

IF Elfsborg has a long-standing tradition of sporting yellow as their main color, with touches of black. This color scheme traces back to the Älvsborg Regiment’s flag, which featured yellow and black.

So naturally, Elfsborg adopted these colors for their jerseys. Originally, their shirt was plain, with no club text, just the bold yellow and black.

But in the 1940s, it became trendy for Swedish clubs to display their badge on their shirts, so Elfsborg added their classic italicized text on the chest, which lasted until 2007 when they switched to their current emblem which is a yellow and black crown with “Elfsborg” engraved on it and a football on top, aiming to boost their brand identity.

Elfsborg’s reserve kit is red, a color chosen after a historic victory against the Swedish national team in 1941. They had to change colors at the last minute because both teams were in yellow, so they borrowed red jerseys from Borås Wäferi. This unexpected victory made red symbolic for Elfsborg and became their reserve kit.

6. FK Teplice

fk teplice

FK Teplice is a professional soccer club from Teplice, a city in the Czech Republic. They play in the Czech First League, which is the top division of Czech football. The club was formed in 1945, just after World War II.

Despite being a relatively new club, they quickly rose through the ranks and made it to the top league in Czechoslovakia within three years.

After a period in the lower divisions, they made a strong comeback in the 1990s thanks to a wealthy sponsor called Glaverbel. This sponsorship helped them get back into the top flight in the 1996–97 season. In 1999, Teplice had a remarkable season, finishing as runners-up in the Czech First League.

This success earned them a spot in the prestigious UEFA Champions League for the 1999–2000 season, where they faced tough competition, including Borussia Dortmund.

Although they lost their first match, it was a significant achievement for the club to participate in such a prestigious tournament. In 2003, FK Teplice won the Czech Cup, which was a major triumph for the team.

They also had a memorable run in the UEFA Cup, defeating teams like Kaiserslautern and Feyenoord before eventually being eliminated by Celtic. Overall, FK Teplice has a proud history with moments of great success, both domestically and in European competitions.

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7. IK Start

ik start

IK Start is a professional Norwegian football club that wears a yellow jersey. The club was established on September 19, 1905, making it quite an old one. Their head coach at the moment is Sindre Tjelmeland.

When playing at home, the team sports yellow jerseys, black shorts, and socks, while for away games, they switch to black jerseys, yellow shorts, and socks.

8. Burton Albion

burton albion

Burton Albion Football Club is a professional soccer team that wears a yellow jersey. They currently compete in League One, which is the third tier of English football.

The team’s home ground is the Pirelli Stadium, where they’ve been playing since 2005 after moving from Eton Park. Their nickname, The Brewers, pays homage to Burton upon Trent’s brewing heritage.

They saw promotions and relegations throughout their history, including stints in the Northern Premier League. Nigel Clough, a former player-manager, led them to the Football League in 2008–09 as champions of the Conference.

Despite losing the League Two play-off final in 2014, they won the League Two title the following season and gained promotion to League One in 2015–16. After two seasons in the Championship, Burton Albion faced relegation in 2018.

9. Watford F.C.


Watford F.C. has had quite a journey with their kits over the years. Back in the day, their kit had a mix of red, green, and yellow stripes. Then, around 1909–10, they switched to black and white.

But in the 1920s, they went for an all-blue shirt. Things changed in 1959–60 when they opted for gold shirts and black shorts, earning them the nickname “The Hornets” after a fan vote.

This color combo stuck around until 1976 when they added red and changed the gold to yellow. And that’s pretty much how their kit looks today. Originally, they were called “The Brewers” because of the Benskins Brewery.

Then, with the blue-and-white kit in the 1920s, they became known as “The Blues.” But when they switched to the gold and black kit, fans chose “The Hornets,” and it stuck. They even got a hornet on their crest, which later became Harry the Hornet in 1974.

For ages, they came out to the Z-Cars theme tune, but in 2019, they shook things up with Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing.” However, after some back-and-forth, they went back to Z-Cars, which fans loved.

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10. VVV Venlo

vvv venlo

VVV-Venlo is a professional football club from Venlo, a city in the Netherlands near the German border.

They compete in the Eerste Divisie, which is the second tier of Dutch football, after being relegated from the Eredivisie in the 2020–21 season.

VVV-Venlo’s team colors are yellow and black.

Fans passionately support the team during matches, creating an electrifying atmosphere in the stadium.

Despite being in the second tier, VVV-Venlo continues to strive for success and aims to regain promotion to the Eredivisie in the future.

  • February 15, 2024