S.L Benfica’s Biggest Rivalries In Portugal


S.L. Benfica, one of the big three clubs In Portugal made history, completing two seasons without defeat in the Primeira Liga: 1972–73 and 1977–78. In 1972–73.

They set records with 58 points in 30 matches and the largest point difference between champions and runners-up. In 2015–16, they recorded 88 points which has been a club record since the league expanded to 18 teams.

Benfica also holds European records for consecutive domestic league wins (29) and an unbeaten streak of 48 matches in all competitions. Also in the 1965–66 European Cup, they scored 18 goals against Stade Dudelange, setting a record for the highest goal margin on aggregate. With that said.

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Who Are Benfica’s Biggest Rivalries?

1. Sporting CP

Resumo: Sporting 2-1 Benfica (Taça de Portugal 23/24)

One of the most intense rivalries in European football is between Benfica and Sporting CP, two Lisbon-based clubs separated by just one street. This rivalry is embedded in history and tradition.

Sporting, historically supported by the aristocracy, and Benfica, considered the people’s club, have clashed both on and off the pitch since their first meeting in 1907.

The atmosphere surrounding these matches is terrifying, with passionate fans from both sides filling the stadiums and surrounding areas with chants, flares, and vibrant displays of loyalty.

The tension can sometimes increase suddenly, as seen in past incidents of violence and tragedy, though, for the majority, the rivalry is driven by a sincere love for their respective clubs rather than animosity. Iconic players and moments have also fueled this rivalry.

Eusebio, a legendary figure in Benfica’s history, famously chose Benfica over Sporting, sparking decades of debate and speculation. Sporting’s Manuel Fernandes, a respected figure in Lisbon derby scored four goals in a historic 7-1 victory over Benfica in 1986.

The impact of this rivalry extends beyond Lisbon, with millions of supporters across Portugal passionately backing one of the big three clubs: Benfica, Sporting, or Porto.

While the competitiveness has moved over the years, with Benfica and Porto often dominating the league, the Lisbon derby is a highlight of the football calendar.

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How Many Times Has Sporting Beat Benfica?

“Since 2004, Benfica and Sporting CP have faced each other in 59 matches. Out of these, Benfica emerged victorious 25 times, while Sporting CP secured victory 19 times, with 15 matches ending in draws.

In terms of goals scored, Benfica netted a total of 87 goals, averaging 1.5 goals per game (PPG), whereas Sporting CP scored a total of 73 goals, averaging 1.2 goals per game.

Additionally, past head-to-head results show that Benfica has a win percentage of 33.3% in Asian Handicap, while 83.3% of their matches had over 2.5 goals scored. These statistics illustrate a competitive rivalry between the two teams, with Benfica holding a stronger record in recent encounters.”

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2. F.C. Porto

Resumo: FC Porto 5-0 Benfica (Liga 23/24 #24)

Benfica’s biggest rivalry in football is with F.C. Porto, one of Portugal’s most renowned football clubs. This rivalry stretches back to the early 20th century when the two teams first clashed.

Their initial encounter in 1912 ended with Benfica securing a resounding victory, defeating Porto 8–2 in an exhibition match. However, Porto soon retaliated, winning their first official match against Benfica in 1920.

Before the establishment of the Primeira Liga in 1934, both clubs competed fiercely in regional leagues and cup competitions. Benfica dominated the Campeonato de Lisboa, while Porto maintained its dominance in the Campeonato do Porto.

The rivalry intensified when they met in the Campeonato de Portugal final in 1931, with Benfica emerging victorious with a 3–0 win. Then, the inception of the Primeira Liga was a new beginner of a different rivalry. Porto won the inaugural league title.

Benfica enjoyed a golden era in the late 1950s and 1960s, driven by legendary player Eusébio. Porto’s resurgence in the 1980s, under the leadership of Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, saw them win the European Cup in 1987.

In the 1990s, Porto dominated Portuguese football, winning five consecutive league titles. The early 2000s saw Porto’s dominance continue, winning UEFA Cup and Champions League triumphs under manager José Mourinho.

However, both clubs won league titles and domestic honors in recent years. Benfica’s victory in the 2022–23 Primeira Liga season secured their 38th league title.

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What Is The Record Between Benfica And Porto?

“The historical record between Porto and Benfica mirrors a closely contested rivalry in Portuguese football. For 49 matches, Porto has secured 25 victories, while Benfica has emerged victorious 12 times.

There have been 12 draws between the two teams. In terms of goals scored, Porto has netted a total of 72 goals, averaging 1.47 goals per match, while Benfica has scored 47 goals, averaging 0.96 goals per match.

Porto has conceded an average of 0.96 goals per match, while Benfica has conceded an average of 1.47 goals per match. This data underscores the competitive nature of the rivalry.”

  • March 25, 2024