king legacy script

King Legacy Script

King Legacy Script is a Pastebin Hack for Roblox that will help you streamline your gaming experience. The game is an adventure RPG game that tasks players to defeat many enemies with swords and other combat methods. The weapons can be purchased with beli, while the Dragon fruits are purchased with jewels.

With the king legacy script, we will provide in this article, you will have access to an auto farm, auto raid, and many others. The link we will provide after this article will lead you to the page where you can copy the script to hack King Legacy.

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King Legacy Script GUI 3.5 Features

These are a few features you can get with the King Legacy script that we will provide below.


Too often, the script will be updated with new features and to fix bugs. Do well to check often for an updated King Legacy script.

How to use Roblox King Legacy Script Hack

Scroll down to download the King Legacy script. After you have downloaded it, follow the steps described here to execute the script.

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  • Click on the link below to copy the King Legacy script from the platform.
  • Download a Roblox Exploit to execute the script.
  • Now, launch the King Legacy game and the Roblox exploit you have downloaded.
  • Copy and paste the script copied into the text box and click on Inject/Execute.
  • This will pop up the script GUI. Then you can enable all the hacks available to you.

Download Hack

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