What Does FT Mean In Soccer?

what does ft mean in soccer

If you just started watching soccer whilst the Men’s FIFA World Cup 2022 was held in Qatar, you might already be wondering what ‘FT’ mean in soccer.

You see, in football, there is a lot of writing, signs, and words that are being used for a better and quick understanding.

However, as a new football fan or a person that just started watching football, you might easily get confused with what some of these words or writing means but that notwithstanding you will not know them with time.

Well, you have been hearing about “FT” in soccer, but have you ever asked what it stands for? Let us say I will be addressing whatever you need to know about “FT” in this article. So, without wasting time, let us proceed –

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FT Means The Game Is Over

In everyday life, people use different words to refer to things. However, when it comes to soccer, FT means that the football match is over which means the Referee has blown a whistle to indicate that.

In other words, you can refer to FT in soccer as the time needed to continue a match has elapsed. Moreover, are you wondering where the word “FT” was coined from? Well, later on in this article, I will be addressing that.

Why Is It Regarded As FT?

While there is no specific language being used in soccer or any official description, “FT” in soccer stands for “Full-Time” implying that the specific soccer game has come to an end which is usually always indicated by the Referee through blowing a whistle.

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How Long Must It Be To Get To Full-Time?

To get to full-time, in standard football, you need to play the game for 90 minutes irrespective of the break you had during the game. Literally, no soccer match will end just like that after 90 minutes on a dot, there is always an addition but it is not specific and only decided by the match officials.

Rumors have it that the added time being issued in a match after 90 minutes is influenced by the total time that was spent by the players doing nothing when the 90 minutes never elapsed.

Does Every Full Time Mean The Game Is Over?

No, not every full-time soccer finalizes a game, there are some that do not, and of course, the game needs to be played again.

What Does Other Full-Time Whistle By The Referee Mean?

Some full-time whistle blown by a referee could be, “let us go for a break, we will come back for an extra time.”

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You see, if a game is a qualification game and no team has won the game during the space of 90 minutes, the match will yearn for extra time to get the scoreline settled and possibly, get to a penalty shootout where the winner can also be decided here.

Is There HT In Soccer?

Yes, there is HT in soccer which is”Half-time”

When Is HT In Soccer

Before getting to full-time in soccer, a half-time is needed to be played first.

However, the first 45 minutes of a soccer game is regarded as half-time, although the half-time always has an added time which is also decided by the match officials. So, literally, the game does not just stop automatically once it is 45 minutes.

  • January 18, 2023