How To Punch In East Brickton – Full Guide

east brickton how to punch

In Roblox, it is all about you figuring out how to do most certain things with your character, and for those, you couldn’t figure out early, you’ll be a punching bag for others till you learn the skill or how to do so.

The East Brickton is a combat Roblox game developed by Marcus760 whose concept involves boxing. And due to how he programmed the game, even old hands on the game will know of the punching aspect but can’t utilize it. So, its guide is what am going to share with you below.

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Note that as a new player in East Brickton, you won’t have the punching mechanic until you spent three hours in the game. Once the three hours elapse, you can use the technique.

The reason behind this prevention from new players is to stop them from running the RP experience by starting unnecessary fistfights.

East Brickton: How to punch

So, to punch in East Brickton, use the below control:

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  • Right Punch – Right Click
  • Left Punch – Left Click
  • Dodge Right – E
  • Dodge Left – Q

You can as well mix up these combat controls to unleash severe punches on your opponent.

  • September 5, 2022