How To Flip a Car in Fortnite

how to flip a car in forrtnite

If you’re one of the top players on Fortnite, you will understand that car is one of the most used vehicles in the game. Before the introduction of driving cars, they were first seen as scraps to break and take the loot. And cars do prop in the game before the driving introduction.

With the introduction of Chapter 3 season 1, cars are now parts and parcels of the game. So, knowing how to flip over a car is important to enjoy the gameplay.

Haven said that flipping a car is not to flip it onto its back, but rather to flip it to stand on its four wheels. So, the question remains, how do you flip a car in Fortnite? Scroll down to find your answer.

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How To Flip a Car in Fortnite

To flip a car, follow the steps are as follows:

  • Get enough ramp-building materials.
  • Locate a car on the map
  • Enter the car and drive to the upper side of the ramp to the point that it will flip over when it reaches the end.
  • Now, once you have done this, step out of the car and click on ‘interact’ to flip the car.

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If you still can’t follow these steps to flip a car, then you can locate an overturned Fortnite car at Believer Beach. But, at this spot, there are a plethora of enemies and you will fight your way to get there.


  • September 5, 2022