15 Best Football Streaming Apps (2024)

best football streaming apps

Watching a football match of your team as a fan might be very challenging especially when you can not visit the football stadiums where these matches are being played. This is the fate of most soccer fans across various clubs, with some of these fans having to watch these games on TV screens and the internet or any streaming apps.

However, watching a football match from a football streaming app might be annoying as most of these apps give commentaries in weird languages, as well as the frequent pop-ups of annoying ads

Here, I will be revealing to you the 15 best football streaming apps. These are mobile apps where you can watch your favorite teams play, right from the comfort of your own house or office. All thanks to trending technology and advancements.

15 Apps For Streaming Football in 2024

1. Super Sports Mobile App

Supported By Android devices, iOS devices, Huawei devices

Pricing Free

Available in all countries of the world, the Supersport mobile app is a mobile application owned by the Super Sports company, a sports broadcasting and gambling company.

The Super Sports mobile is available on all devices, including the Google Play store, Apple App Store as well as the Huawei App Gallery, the Official Huawei mobile application store.

With this mobile app, you can watch football matches across various leagues, including Italian Serial A games, Copa de Rey, La Liga games, FA Cup games, and even international tournaments. They allow users to view games in high definition.

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2. Sky Sport

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices

Pricing Free

Owned by Sky Group, a satellite pay television, Super Sports is one of the best and most widely used football streaming apps.

This is one of the most popular soccer streaming mobile apps in the United Kingdom, and this is not just because they offer a free-to-use service. Rather, it is probably because the mobile app keeps ads to a minimum, thereby saving the streamer from some annoying popup ads used in most of the other soccer/football streaming mobile apps.

They show all sorts of football matches, ranging from English premier league games to the German Bundes Liga, to French Ligue 1, Turkish League, and even to international tournaments such as Euros and World Cup games.

3. WatchESPN

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, Xbox, Roku, Windows

Pricing Free

Operated by the popular ESPN company, WatchESPN mobile application is one of the best football streaming apps that you can make use of to stream live football games on the go.

With the WatchESPN mobile app, you can stream live football games on your Android devices, Apple TV, PS4, iPads, iPhones, and a lot of other devices.

WatchESPN also allows you to watch analysis from pundits made during the 15-minute break of the football match, as well as some post-football match analysis.

4. Live Football TV

Supported on Android devices

Pricing Free

Considered to be one of the best football streaming apps, Live Football TV is one of the hottest mobile applications that let you stream live soccer matches of your favorite teams without visiting the stadium or any fee.

The mobile app allows you to stream UEFA games, including UEFA Champions League games and UEFA Europa League games, Country league games such as the English premier league games, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A as well as a lot of other leagues and games.

5. CBS Sports

Supported On Android devices and iOS devices.

Price $59.99 per annum and $5.99 per month

Owned by CBS, a popular TV network in the United States of America, CBS Sports is a top mobile application that you can use to stream live football matches.

However, unlike most of the other football streaming apps, they also allow their users to stream live National Football League (NFL) games, as well as a lot of other sports.

6. DAZN: Watch Live Sports

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Pricing Free

With an average rating of 4 stars on several app stores, including the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and a lot of others, the DAZN live sport mobile app is a go-to app for football fans who want to view live games.

There operate a free-to-use service, where users can simply tune in to watch live matches without paying a fee.

Some of the games it shows are English premier league games, La Liga games, Copa de Rey, FIFA World Cup, Euros, Copa America, and a lot of others.

7. beIN Sport

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Pricing Free

A free football streaming application, beIN Sports is one of the best streaming apps to have if you are looking to stream live football matches.

The popular streaming app is owned by the beIN media group, and they produce a free and quality live football streaming mobile application.

8. La Liga Sports TV

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Pricing Free

Owned by the popular Spanish football league, La Liga Sports TV is a go-to mobile app that you can use if you want to stream live La Liga football matches.

The mobile app has several channels, allowing you to view each of the La Liga games even if they are being played simultaneously.

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However, aside from La Liga games, you can watch other Spanish football games, including the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Super Cup as well as some Spanish lower league games.

9. UEFA.tv Mobile App

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Pricing Free

A product of UEFA, the UEFA.tv mobile app is an official mobile app owned by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

With the UEFA.tv mobile application, fans can stream live UEFA Champions League games; including group stage games up to the final, the UEFA Europa League games; including the group stage and up to the final, and even the Euros and the UEFA Nations League.

10. Premier League Official App

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Pricing Free

Owned by the English Premier League, the Premier League Official mobile app is another live football streaming application that you can use to stream live football games in the English Premier League.

Fans of the premier league are not to pay a fee for viewing, as the football streaming service is completely free. With the mobile app, users can also check the league table before, during, and even after a match has gone live.

Aside from watching games and checking live scores, you also get updated with football transfers going on across the English premier league clubs.

11. Showmax

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Pricing Paid

Showmax is a streaming service that allows users to watch a lot of activities such as TV shows, documentaries, movies, and even sports.

This is one of the best-paid football streaming apps as they allow football lovers to stream any football match of their choice at a fee using their mobile app.

12. Manchester United Official App

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Price Free

Owned by Manchester United Football Club, the Manchester United official app is a mobile app where you can stream all Manchester United games. This includes their English premier league games, their Carabao Cup games, as well as other cup games.

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The app also lets users stream football games played by the Manchester United women’s team and the youth team.

13. Chelsea Official App

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Price Free

Owned by Chelsea Football Club, the Chelsea official mobile app is an application where you can get the latest updates regarding Chelsea FC.

The club allows their fans to stream their live games for free using their official app. Via the Chelsea official app, Chelsea fans can watch the men’s team, the female Chelsea team as well as the youth sides.

14. Fubo TV

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, and all screens

Pricing Paid (Price varies with the package)

Owner by FuboTV Inc, Fubo TV is one of the leading live football streaming apps.

The Fubo TV mobile app is available on the Google Play store for download on Android devices, as well as download on the Apple app store for iOS devices.

With several sports channels, you can stream live matches of your favorite teams at a fee. Aside from football, Fubo TV can also be used to view other sports such as Boxing, table tennis, basketball, and other sports.

15. YipTV

Supported on Android devices, iOS devices, laptops, and all other screen sizes

Pricing $49.99 per annum and $14.99 per month.

Similar to Showmax, the YipTV mobile app is a combination of several channels including music channels such as MTV, movie channels such as RCN Novelas, as well as other sports channels such as beIN sports.

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YipTV allows you to stream all sorts of live football matches, including international and league games. They offer a paid service, where users get to pay before they can access any of their channels to stream live matches.


Every soccer fan wants to watch the best soccer games live and comfortably and this is where the best football streaming apps come into play.

In this article, we have provided you with reliable information on the best apps that can be used to stream live soccer games. The plus is that these games cut across all the elite leagues in Europe, Asia, and other international competitions that attract a huge following.

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